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April 16, 2016. How Math Determines The 'Game Of Thrones' Protagonist. Novel application of social network analysis.
September 12, 2015. Love Multiplies At A Math Olympiad In 'Brilliant'. Discussion of the new movie A Brilliant Young Mind, which opens in the US today.
March 14, 2015 Pi Day of the Century. Today is 3.14.15, which is pi to four decimal places.
August 13, 2014 Woman Wins 'Math Nobel' for First Time. Awarding of the 2014 Fields Medals. Guest appearance on Public Radio's Here & Now show.
April 12, 2014 Martin Gardner, A Genius Of Recreational Mathematics
December 21, 2013 And The Number Of The Year Is... The Lowly 2! This year saw rapid advancement on the Twin Primes Conjecture.
May 18, 2013 Prime Challenge Sends Mathematicians On Infinite Search. Major Progress on the Twin Primes Conjecture.
January 12, 2013 And the Symbol of the Year Is... Stanford's Symbolic Systems program launches new annual award for the symbol that makes the headlines.
November 24, 2012 Math En Masse: Teaching Online For Free. I talk with Scott Simon about my recently completed MOOC.
June 23, 2012 Mathematician's work lives on in everyday life. A remembrance of the life and work of Alan Turing on the centenary of his birth.
February 18, 2012 Finally, The Physics Of The Ponytail Explained.
December 24, 2011 To Make Algebra Fun, Rethink The Problem.
October 29, 2011 Remembering the Father of Artificial Intelligence. A remembrance of AI pioneer John McCarthy, who died October 24, aged 84.
July 16, 2011 Fibonacci's 'Numbers': The Man Behind The Math? Discussion about my new book "The Man of Numbers".
June 4, 2011 Any Way You Stack It, $14.3 Trillion Is A Mind-Bender. How can we comprehend the size of the current US national debt?
April 16, 2011 Using Math To Make Complex Systems Simple. The focus of the 2011 Mathematics Awareness Month currently underway.
March 5, 2011 The Way You Learned Math Is So Old School. Why children are being taught elementary mathematics differently these days.
January 22, 2011. Math Isn't So Scary With Help From These Monsters. Review of a new illustrated math book for youg children.
October 23, 2010. Checking The Math Behind The Greenhouse Effect.
June 5, 2010. Running the Numbers for the World Cup.
April 7, 2010. [GUESTING ON MORNING EDITION] 1 Solved. 6 Millennium Prize Math Problems Remain.
March 13, 2010. The Mad Hatter's Secret Ingredient: Math.
January 23, 2010. The Formula For The Perfect Parallel Parking Job.
July 4, 2009. Top 10 Reasons Why the BMI is Bogus.
April 4, 2009. Another Father of the Hydrogen Bomb. The 100th anniversary of the birth of the mathematician Stanlslaw Ulam.
February 28, 2009. What do we need algebra for?
December 27, 2008. 'Hard Day's Night': A Mathematical Mystery Tour. Mathematical analysis of the opening chord and other Beatles music.
November 1, 2008. Polling: the math behind the madness.
April 12, 2008. Checking the Math of '21'. Does the movie '21' get the math of card counting in blackjack right?
April 5, 2008. Doing the iPod Shuffle. Doess the iPod randomizer really select songs randomly?
January 12, 2008. Did Ben Franklin Add Up? A discussion of Franklin's mathematical abilities.
December 22, 2007. A look at Christmas by the Numbers. The math of Santa Claus' delivery schedule and tangling Christmas tree lights.
November 24, 2007. Decoding Encrypted Internet Messages. Adi Shamir's warning about bug attacks on RSA encryption.
November 10, 2007. iPod Mathematical Riddle Solved. The solution to Wolfram's universal Turing machine problem.
July 7, 2007. The Magical Qualities of the Number 7. In recognition of the date 7/7/07.
April 14, 2007. A Math Great Gets His Due. The 300th anniversary of the birth of Leonhard Euler.
March 24, 2007. Checking the Math on a Huge Theoretical Problem. The mapping of the symmetry group E-8.
February 17, 2007. The Science of a Wobbly Table.
January 6, 2007. Math Convention. Report from the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans.
November 4, 2006. Letters: The Gateway Arch is NOT a parabola.
September 30, 2006. Is String Theory Unravelling.
August 12, 2006. Can Math Settle a Fight over Fish Size? The dispute over the world record Muskie catch.
July 29, 2006. Mathematician may have solved 100-year-old problem. Perelman's claimed proof of the Poincare Conjecture.
July 8, 2006. Soccer 'Sphere' Kicks Off a Circular Argument. The geometry of the World Cup soccer ball.
July 1, 2006. The Math Behind Pellicano's Code. Trying to break the PGP code on the hard drive of the famous Hollywood lawyer's PC.
April 8, 2006. Math's role in Internet security. (This is the topic of Mathematics Awareness Month 06, which takes place this month.)
February 11, 2006. Danica McKellar's Mathematical Theorem. The TV star has a mathematical theorem to her name.
November 26, 2005. Musical Ability and the Brain. New research at Stanford establishes a connection between music and language ability.
August 13, 2005. Using math to move a courtship forward. The application of game theory to gift selection in human courtship.
May 21, 2005. A Mathematician who Solved Major Problems. The work of George Dantzig, who died on May 13.
March 19, 2005. The Birthday Problem.
January 22, 2005. Math and crime-solving by the 'Numb3rs'. The mathematics in the new prime-time television detective series NUMB3RS on CBS.
January 1, 2005. Solving the 'Four-Color Problem' of Map Making. The new computer verification of the proof of the Four Color Theorem.
December 18, 2004. A Finite Discussion of Infinite Numbers. How many real numbers are there?
October 9, 2004. Solve the Equation, Get an Interview. The use of logic and math puzzles in job interviews for high tech firms.
September 4, 2004. Math in Baseball. The use of statistics in baseball.
May 22, 2004. The awarding of the Abel Prize, the newly established mathematical equivalent of the Nobel Prize.
April 10, 2004. The Math Guy: Pyramids and Oranges. The computer-aided proof of Kepler's sphere packing problem.
January 31, 2004. Remembering a Much-Respected Mathematician. The death of Olga Ladyzhenskaya.
December 27, 2003. The centenary of the birth of John von Neumann.
July 5, 2003. Weekend Edition Filmfest: the mathematics in the movie A Beautiful Mind.
June 28, 2003. Mathematics of the Supreme Court.
May 24, 2003. Probability. Use of probability theory in games of chance.
January 18, 2003. The Millennium Problems.
October 26, 2002. The 800th Anniversary of Fibonacci's Liber abaci.
August 17, 2002. Airline ticket pricing.
May 18, 2002. Math and Terror: mathematics in homeland security.
December 29, 2001. A Beautiful Mind: the life of John Nash Jr.
August 25, 2001. The new Newton: Edward Witten on his 50th birthday.
June 16, 2001. Galileo and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
May 5, 2001. Goedel's Theorem.
February 24, 2001. Knot theory.
September 9, 2000. The Math Gene - an innate ability to do mathematics.
July 29, 2000. Progress on deciphering the Archimedes palimpsest.
June 24, 2000. Faster than light phenomena and relativity.
April 15, 2000. The Goldbach Conjecture.
March 18, 2000. The Double Bubble Conjecture.
February 19, 2000. The Copernican revolution.
December 18, 1999. The measurement of time.
October 9, 1999. Bird migration: how do they do it?
July 31, 1999. Proof of the Shimura-Tanayama Conjecture.
May 29, 1999. The number sense.
April 17, 1999. How mathematical results are discovered.
February 27, 1999. The Fibonacci sequence.
January 30, 1999. NASA's Stardust mission.
October 24, 1998. The Archimedes Palimpsest comes to light.
August 1, 1998. The number PI.
June 13, 1998. The mathematics of the book The Bible Code.
April 4, 1998. The movie Good Will Hunting.
September 13, 1997. Mathematics in the social sciences. [SOUND FILE NOT AVAILABLE.]
October 26, 1996. Some major anniversaries in mathematics. [SOUND FILE NOT AVAILABLE.]
April 29, 1995. The proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. [SOUND FILE NOT AVAILABLE.]

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